Hello, I've got a 1999 lancia kappa 2.0 which I have changed the engine in from a 1996 model. While doing this i changed the timing belt and did not have the camshaft locking tools and managed to miss the timing setting, but the engine turned and started, just with a rather strange idle. I then got the tool and ajusted the timing correct and from then on the car will not start. The fault diagnosis said cam position sensor, so I changed the sensor and still no change, fault diagnosis still says the cam position sensor fault b+. I then tried to measure the signal, but did not have a oscilloscope, only had a voltmeter, but there was a reaktion on the meter when turning on the starter. So I then tried the engine management from the car I got the engine from, but no change. Anyone got any ideas, or know someone that might do? Any help would be grately appreciated.