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    Long distance rally preparation

    I am preparing an Aurelia B20 for long distance touring such at the Beijing to Paris rally and my own 20,000 km type tours. I am interested to know what sorts of mods have been done to these cars that are worth doing. The car already has a Nardi floor kit from new. I'm planning to change the generator to an alternator, add a larger gas tank with external filler, change the wheels to a modern style that looks period correct but does not need tubes so that field repair is easier, mount the spare tire on the rear, change the seats to period correct racing seats, but what else would make these cars more field reliable and comfortable without seriously compromising the period correct appearance? I'm starting with a great in between level car. It's a solid mechanical driver that is used regular but cosmetically a mess so I don't feel bad about originality.
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    Re: Long distance rally preparation


    If it's an early B20--through the S3, it's got the coil spring rear suspension (and RHD only), and this won't apply. But with an S4 - S6 B20/B20S, with the leaf-spring/DeDion rear, you must reinforce the welds on the rear spring hangers. Ed Godshalk rolled his S4 into the weeds on a rally when the original weld sheared on one of the rear spring hangers.
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