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    Got this years bill and it is LESS than last year. What's with that?

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    My insurance company bases the rate on the amount of claims of that model of car divided by the total number of that model insured. I understand these numbers are taken from all carriers industry wide and averaged. So as a whole if we drive better we pay less. This is what I was told when we insured a 175HP SAAB SPG and the rates were lower than our grocery getter Ford Tortise. SAAB drivers are on the average better drivers than Ford drivers. Try insuring a Corvette like my brother! Too many non-drivers buy Corvettes and bust them up during their mid life crisis.

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    Re: Insurance

    Beta drivers in NZ must be well behaved then.
    I felt sure it would be over $300 this year as it was $289 last year, but instead it has dropped back to $260.

    A 40% increase in petrol price in the last year hasn't been too pleasant though. Over $1.50 a litre now! BP have released a 98 octane which seems much superior to the 96 we have. Of course they charge an extra 5c a litre for it. :?

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