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Thread: Idle problem

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    Idle problem

    I had my Thema's(Turbo) engine washed and now the car just don't want to idle even if you try adjusting the screw ontop of the throtle body it does nothing keeps on stalling. The car drives fine though. I removed the solenoid on top of the air flow metre and joined the pipes directly this seems to help, the revs would sort of stay were they were once you take your foot of the accelerator though. But after testing the solenoid it seems fine it does open and close but it seems like it does not open and close at the right times. Is there anyway to reset the computer system of the car as this apperantly controls the solenoid to keep the revs at 1100rpm. Or is there any other problem which might cause the stalling problem.Thanks

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    Re: Idle problem

    It could just be old HT leads that are arcing as a result of all the water that you blasted about in there. Take the HT leads off one at a time and give them a good spay all over with WD 40. Like wise with any other part of the ignition circuit.

    And lastly, don't wash your engine again. It always causes problems on modern cars...

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