well it was a Allianz Insurance Diorestors Car for 26 yrs or so, lots of money spent keeping it tops, then it was passed down to a Regional Manager who aöso put a lot of money into it keeping it tops; which ended when a certain women in his life said "we need a Van"; so I became the owner of a 1982 S2 Gamma Cpe, which I bought (shame on me) for parts, with no interntion to remove f&r glasss to eliminate some not too serious rust beginnings.

It was a valuable source of so many parts that I will not begin to list them, for my Cpe(s) & other Cpes...until Micheal came over to buy some odds & ends !
He discovered a Gamma Cpe in much better shape than the Cpe he was about to begin restoring...thus the Allianz Cpe went away today to be restored locally, so I can keep in touch with it !

Another old Lancia saved.....will take parts from 2 other donor Cpe (1 rescued from a Chicken-Farm !) that Michael has scarfed up intending to make 1 of them a Concours Cpe. Lucky Michael, with mechanics, body & paint specialists, welders, shops etc etc ... so ithe task can all be done "in-Haus", in the famous old City od Speyer, Rheinland-Pfakz, Germany. More to follow...someday !