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    Jim Fierst

    Re: Any Tips On Quieting a Facett Fuel Pump ?

    Len, I don't have a junk yard or a parts car that I know of within 200 miles of me so I don't even consider that an option. On top of that if the pump is significantly different from the Facet that is another issue. I will get around to fabricating one.

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    Jim Fierst

    Re: Any Tips On Quieting a Facett Fuel Pump ?

    Bringing closure to this thread... I installed a rotary pump and the silence is deafining..

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    Master Lancista len_newstrum's Avatar
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    Re: Any Tips On Quieting a Facett Fuel Pump ?

    You made the right choice.

    Just so that other people will appreciate the importance of using a rotary pump rather that the Facet-type pumps when running Webers; I ran across this on a Weber supplier site yesterday while trying to find a source for low-speed circuit jets.

    Facet Fuel Pump:
    This is one of those little square pumps with the transistor mounted on top that makes a ticking noise all the time. These pumps are TERRIBLE. No volume and High Pressure. These pumps have been sold for many years with Weber and Mikuni conversions and have cause many people a lot of tuning problems. They are a pulse type pump that delivers almost no volume (usually less than the stock mechanical pump did) and usually at High Pressure. This causes flooding at idle and lean out conditions under high load. Do not use them....

    Sit back and listen to your stereo now.

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