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Hi Brian,

Glad to hear the 32 mm Dell'Ortos are working well. When you mention that you suspect some rich running condition, just out of curiosity, would you be able to hook up a fuel pressure gauge and see what the pressure is currently?

I have a adjustable fuel pressure regulator and typically set it at 2.7 lbs for the Dell'Ortos, 3 lbs appears to be a upper limit. I believe the standard Solex setup actually ran at a slightly higher pressure from the factory.

Hi Jay,
I'm sorry I don't have the equipment and I'm not sure I'd know what to do if I did:-((. but I'm not sure it would be relevant anyway, early Fulvia's didn't have a regulator fitted but I fitted a "filter King" about 7 years ago as I was fed up with the amount of debris, be it from the fuel or the tank creating running problems.
That Filter Kings pressure has never been altered from it's supplied setting whatever that was, and I certainly didn't have any pressure/Carb problems while climbing through the Pyrenees or the Alps.