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    Lister Storm

    I used to work in Leatherhead in a trading estate a few years back, Lister being our neighbour. When they started the cars up they used to get a BIG audience. Some of the Jaguars they had there with a touch of Lister were awesome. Some of the jags had Saudi plates. They used to ship all the way from Saudi to have the work done. A modded Jaguar? I know, I know.
    The Lister garage being a neighbour was the only perk in my job.
    Does anybody know if they are still there?

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    What mods are REALLY worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by crono33
    sounds like the pefect brake fluid then hehehhe
    Once melted it is, but before that... 8O


    PS. It's an ideal medium to keep the engine hot. There are systems available that use this method.

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    Nasty Matt

    What mods are REALLY worth it?

    Well just to update everyone on "mods" I have had my fe springs, rear strut brace and diff cradle added.

    Ok I am new tyres (as I have fitted 17 inch wheels) but I think those mods are well worth the money. I have not had any understeer as yet, ride is firmer but not too firm - more it feels like the suspension and handling are "tight" (if that makes sense). Obviously I had all the stuff fitted at once so I can't say individually which was best.

    Next I will be chipping and de-cating very soon. I will post my opinion on that as soon as it is done. After that... well that's where I will need inspiration.

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    Nasty Matt


    Well decatting and chipping is happening in a couple of weeks time and then....................

    Charge cooler and water spray kit.

    The more I think about the charge cooler the more I like the idea. It shouldn't put any more strain on the engine more likely keep the performance at an even level. Outside temperature should have little effect.

    Of course I will post my findings.

    After that? I may put in a full 3inch exhaust system or a new manifold. But the cooler probably won't go in until Oct/Nov so exhaust/manifold next year.

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    J8N HF


    Just my twopenneth Matt, but I would consider doing the manifold and exh before the chipping... this way the chip can take full advantage of a nice free flowing system... Mmmm lots of horses, anyway I know of a stainless exhaust maker who's done a nice job on a few evo's, (mine is pending) with a whole stainless 3" system for 600ish, not including the manifold, and rumour has it that they were the original suppliers for bazza's system... they're in the south east, email me for the details if required...

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    "and rumour has it that they were the original suppliers for bazza's system"

    Do you mean 'Hayward and Scott'?


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    J8N HF


    Thts them... however they can be a bit cheeky when it comes to their prices so i dont like plugging 'em too much

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    Nasty Matt

    and it goes on..

    well I am going to update this thread as to my latest "mods".. for all of those of you that don't read the evoforum or don't care here it is..

    Prestocar chip and decat (pre cat removed and centre section is straight through a la Supersprint)

    Do I get technical and explain what the chip does? Probabaly best not because if I get one tiny bit wrong everyone will take it as gospel.

    This was worth the money (about 500 all in all) It now feels considerably quicker. It's an evo 2 and I was a little bit disappointed with the feel of the turbo kick coming from a 16v. But now I get a decent kick and it pulls better above 4500rpm where it used to die right off.

    Idles cleanly, starts nicely and is fine to drive off boost. I am driving on the motorway tonight so it will be nice to see what it's like if I get stuck in traffic, my standard car used to hate dribbling along.

    I have kept the standard back box as I think they look nice and the sound hasn't changed at all (decatting it)

    Next? Charge cooler and spray kit. Then.. probably bigger turbo as I have heard running higher boost will probably lessen the life of the small turbo anyways and I quite fancy the big turbo surge again!!

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