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Thread: Fulvia EFI!

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    Re: Fulvia EFI!

    Quote Originally Posted by Taddraughn View Post
    Thanks for posting up those pictures; Stick out is really not too much at all. I forgot that the coils would be in line with the cylinder angles; that makes the job of securing them properly a little more difficult but not impossible.

    I like how neat plug wiring is on that Mazda engine; It does appear to be a wasted spark set up as I can only see two coils and looks like 1&4 and 2&3 to the same coils.
    i don't think it would be too tough to fab up a shroud that hovers above the valve cover. i didn't put more than one coil in to check the spacing, but there's enough room to make the right angles. i would make it out of 1/8 aluminum sheet as it forms easily.
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    Re: Fulvia EFI!

    I think I could bend something up that would work to hold them and look good. I'll have to visit the scrap yard and find a few to use for mocking up a template for the shroud.

    I did also get in the GSR400 throttle bodies yesterday. They seem very promising as they start around 36mm and taper to 30mm at the throttle plates. They also have secondary throttles but these ones are servo controlled so I'd have greater control over them if I decided to use them. However, since the size so closely matches the stock solex venturi size, it seems like I should be able to just remove the secondaries.

    The big question is.. is this cast aluminum weldable? If so I could just out the middle part of the casting as needed, get good fit up and just tig it back together. Perhaps if not weldable I could just using some brazing rod to attach the halves together.

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