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    Jim Keller

    Beta Koni color trivia

    In the process of having Koni NA rebuild one of my Koni struts, I have aquired the correct paint brand and color code now for the series of struts they made for the Betas. They use Plasti-Kote brand #T31 Bright Orange for those of you wanting to repaint yours to correct color. Now, knowing that, I do not want to hear anymore reference to Koni "REDS" when talking about Konis for Betas, they are not red! they ARE orange! they never made a Koni red for a Beta, reds are a diffeent style strut.

    And for those who want to know what it costs to rebuild a strut, $140 plus parts, parts to range from $20 to $80 depending on if it needs a new rod. :o

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    Re: Beta Koni color trivia

    Hey I knew it was orange, so when I repainted mine I went with Chevy orange for the
    struts I figured a little chevy paint would insure that I would have a faster lancia

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    Jim Keller

    Re: Beta Koni color trivia

    Ok, I admit it, ;D I went with Chevy orange too! ha ha Duplicolor brand #DE1620 engine paint with ceramic to be exact, that paint holds up well against chips and such. I will see how much difference the oranges are once I get it back and report, it may be the same shade, if not, I'll repaint my other three to correct color :-\

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    Tom McGaffigan

    Re: Beta Koni color trivia

    $140 plus parts to rebuild a Koni? What happened to the lifetime warranty?
    Tom McGaffigan

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    Senior Lancista John O's Avatar
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    Re: Beta Koni color trivia

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom McGaffigan
    What happened to the lifetime warranty?
    Ya, "lifetime warranty" ...only if you can dig up your original sales receipt. For all the receipts that I've squirrelled away, I couldn't find the receipt I knew I'd saved for the day my X Koni's needed a rebuild. Sucks. I'm just gonna have to hold my breath and do it, but isn't that a gamble Koni and others that sell "lifetime warrantys" bet on winning 'cuz saps like me will never be able to pony up the paperwork?

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    Jim Keller

    Re: Beta Koni warranty and rebuilds

    I bought the struts used and damaged from DJ before he blew out of the country, so not only was I not the original purchaser, I knowingly purchased them damaged so there was no warranty issue. Now the strut that has been rebuilt DOES now have a lifetime warranty, but only to me, I sell them, they no longer have a warranty, and that is what parts manufactures count on, you selling the car BEFORE it needs repaired

    On another note, the rod was damaged and had to be replaced, the rods are no longer available so I had to settle for them rebuilding it with a hollow rod and now, when I go to adjust them, I can't take them off, I have to open the damn hood and turn a friggin dial! man what a pain!....LOL!....I am actually sending the other front to be rebuilt exactly the same so I can adjust them anytime I please! and I am going to go ahead and spring to have the rears re-sealed as well so I am less likely to have any future issues. I would have the rears done with the hollow knob, but you can't access the tops without ripping apart the rear interior anyway and once I had them set where I wanted them, (about three half turns), on my last one, I never touched them again either.

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    Jim Keller

    Re: Got my strut back

    And Chevy engine orange is just a tad more orange than the Plasti-Kote, it is indeed more reddish in tint, more like an Allis Chalmers tractor, however, close enough I don't think anyone would really notice unless you had one right next to it to compare :-\.......they also modified the strut so I only turn a knob at the top to adjust it, no more taking it off to change the settings! ;D Now that's service! at a price of corse

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    Re: Beta Koni color trivia

    Uh, Jim- if they are using the top -SA hardware then shouldn't the correct color now be YELLOW?

    Just a thought- since the thread topic is Koni COLOR trivia and the yellows are the ones with the adjustable top knob?

    Don't you love comments like that?

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    Jim Keller

    Re: Beta Koni color trivia

    Hummmm :-\
    Good question Will! ;D But I think I'll leave em like they are LOL

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    Re: Beta Koni color trivia

    You know I wrote that JUST to break your chops, Backup!

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