Hi, I just found this forum and decided it was about time that I joined. I have owned my 1976 Lancia Scorpion for about 40 years now. I am the second owner and bought the Scorpion after having three Fiat X1/9. I have always been a "car guy" and enjoy driving and working on cars. The Scorpion has always been somewhat of a project car. I had installed a 2 liter Fiat block after the original engine blew, and at different times installed higher performance cams, larger carburetor, Ansa exhaust, racing harness seat belts, etc. I have not been driving it much over the past few years, because I just have not had the time, but I want to get it back on the road.

The current issue that I have with the car is one that has existed for a while. The car will start fine when the engine is cold, but once it has warmed up, if you shut it off or if it stalls, it will not re-start until it cools off for about 20 minutes. I have re-built the carburetor, replaced the plugs, points and condensor, but can not figure out what the problem is. One thing that I am considering doing is to go with an electronic ignition, as I am a bit concerned that there might be an issue with heat affecting the distributor since with the Fiat 2 liter block, the distributor is right above the exhaust manifold. If anyone has experienced a similar situation, or can recommend a possible solution, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.