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    Replacement rims

    Hello gents,
    I'm brand new to the group so apologies if i'm posting this in the wrong section. I'm after some advise with regards to replacing my wheels, I'm trying to find out what the sizes mean and what actual effect will if make, I've not been able to get a straight answer from any of the suppliers to be honest and when you're looking at paying out nearly a grand I would really like to know exactly what I'm buying. The two sizes are 17x8J / 17x7J ? any suggestions/advise would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks LarryClick image for larger version. 

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    Re: Replacement rims

    First off, it depends on which year car you have. Earlier Deltas used wheels that take 4 lug bolts, later ones used 5 lugbolts.

    Basics for my 1989 8V's wheels:
    15x6.5 4x98
    15 inch diamter rim, 6.5 inches wide. lugbolts are 4 in quantity, spaced at a 98mm bolt circle diamter.

    16V cars used 15x7 wheels, still 4x98.

    Later cars (evos, etc) used a 5x98 bolt patter (5 lugbots, still on the 98mm bcd).

    (Wheels that are not 98mm bcd will not work. Some people in the world claim you can "make" 4x100 wheels fit, but they are crazy and it could be unsafe. )

    Going from a 15x7 to a 16x7 means the wheel is 1" bigger around. If you change from a 17x7 to a 17x8, one inch wider.

    There is another number that matters once you change widths - Offest. Offset is the distance between inner face of the wheel hub and the exact middle of the wheel, in mm. When you change from a 15x7 wheel to a 16x7 wheel, if you don't get a different offset the wheels will be positioned slightly differently, and can stick out to far (rub fenders) or perhaps still In to far (run suspension parts).

    So if you are changing wheel sizes from what is on your car, you need to match the lugbolts patter (either 4x98 or 5x9 or need to get a different offset. Sometimes you Can't get a different offset in the wheel you want - then you might need to use spacers (little circles of metal that go between the wheel and the hub) and slightly longer lugbolts.

    this webpage ( )has a lot of different wheels that fit different sizes and years of Lancia Deltas. As you scroll through, you'll see the sizes and BCDs listed - but not always the offsets.

    For the wheels that the bigger places sell (Tanc, ProJoe, etc), they usually know if you need spacers and different lugbolts, and will tell you in their adverts. But not all the adverts have all the info you need, so it can be frustrating.

    Now post some cool photos of your delta!


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