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    Diagnose - Thema 8.32

    Hi all,

    I am currently working on the 8.32 using the old Lancia Tester PR01. I'm using the 8.32 WSM and trying to complete some of the tests described there. But I am having trouble working through some of the tests. My hope is that some of You have used the PR01 and maybe done some of the tests I'm trying to complete.

    The engine is not running well at all - hence the use of the tester to source the problem. I have not yet found the exact problem(s) - I'm only working through the suggested tests in the WSM hoping to disclose the problem.

    - First problem is the test for checking the speed impulses from Microplex to KE3 ECU - page 124. I suspect this is to check the RPM-sensor counting the flywheel reference points. The WSM says the correct value should be "over 20" and the picture in WSM shows "21" in the PR01 display as an example. I am getting 85 and that can't be right ??
    - Second is the TDC-sensor test - page 156. Normal value should be "over 7" and an example shown as "8.1" as an ok value. I am getting 5 when measuring.
    - Third is the RPM-sensor test - page 158. Normal value should be "over 4" and example picture in WSM shows "6.3" as a reference. I am getting 65 when performing the test.

    For reference - both sensors are new and should be ok. Likewise the wiring to/from ECU's has been measured and ohmed and should also be ok. I suspect the faulty readings are linked as all three tests have to do with the RPM and TDC sensors. But I can't understand what I'm doing wrong. All three tests dictates that the engine should be running when performing the tests - therefore the PR01 must be hooked up to the KE3 connector and not the Microplex. I have tried the latter but then the engine won't run.

    Have some of You experience with the PR01 tester and can reckognize the tests I'm trying to perform ?

    Kind regards,
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