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    Re: Cromodora wheels gold colour code?

    Quote Originally Posted by xraygun View Post
    I'm thinking about painting my 5.5 13 Campagnolos gold when I respray my S1 1.3s in what I hope is the correct original Turchese Mereweld. I'm sourcing the paint from Max Meyer in Italy. The original owner claimed he bought them with the car as a dealer upgrade. They are the original silver. At some point long ago the HF letters was put on the rear alongside the 1.3s. Those will go bye bye. I think the gold wheels will look great with this color.
    i would believe those to be a dealer installed upgrade. my car has a set too as well as a formula one enterprises momo steering wheel, both installed by the dealer. (or so i was told)
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    Re: Cromodora wheels gold colour code?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1,6 HF View Post
    There aren't a lot of period color photos of the 1,3HF. But Autocar 27 Feb 1969 covered the 1,3HF as part of its "Given the Works" series; the opening spread, pp 36-37, has a color action shot of a 1,3HF with blurry but gold Campys. Of course as with most things Lancia, there are likely as many exceptions as rules...
    Hi Ed I have 2 originals of this article and cannot convince myself the wheels are gold. Indeed the rear wheels look grey and the fronts look dirty in the poor photographs. Interestingly that car is a 1.2HF and competed in 1967 in a very limited way - 3 events (consensus is this car does not exist anymore). I suppose it could have had an engine upgrade as this was the time the 1.3HF came into being. Another thought is the number plate could just have been moved to another 1.3HF for press work as the car has the works 1.3HF seats....

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