Hello every one. I suppose "living the dream" springs to mind with my present situation. I'm lucky enough to live in Bologna and the U.K at different points of the year. I'm even luckier in the fact that the company I own imports classic cars from Italy. Notably Lancia Fulvias, Alfa GTs, Fiat Cinquecentos' etc. The trouble is I tend to collect more than I sell. When I'm in the U.K. I'm more than happy to help fellow Lancia owners. I live in Hampshire over here and have a car transporter, so if you ever find yourself stuck just get in touch. At present I have a Series one Rallye Sport S and a series two 1.3S. The last owner had this car for 40 years! and its only done 44,000km. I should also have a Monte Carlo within the next two months.