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    Taddraughn's Fulvia Coupe: Progress Thread

    Since this thread has gotten quite long, here's a...

    -pg. 1: Getting started and rustproofing some panels
    -pg. 7: I break my aluminum hood and cry about it
    -pg. 10: Heater box assembly
    -pg. 11: Dropping the subframe
    -pg. 14-19: Subframe tear down
    -pg. 19-22: Carb cleaning and assembly
    -pg. 25: Wheel bearing repacking
    -pg. 31-38: Transmission rebuild
    -pg. 38-46: Mostly engine disassembly, discussion, and new brake pistons
    -pg. 47-66: Metal work
    -pg. 67: Car receives new paint and undercoating
    -pg. 69: Prime your oil pump with a drill! Also talk about fuel line material choices
    -pg. 72: Routing new fuel lines from NiCopp/Cunifer and putting in Fatmat insulation
    -pg. 73-77: Paint stuff

    Wanted to start this thread not only to keep up with the work that I've done, but also as a way to try and keep myself motivated. The intent is to do a "rolling restoration" of sorts, but before fixing the subframe outriggers and my overheating issue there will be less rolling involved lol.

    Anyway.. I've had the car for around a month now so here's the progress I've made so far:

    When the vehicle arrived, it ran rough, had a blown fuse and the electric fan didn't work. Those were the problems I knew about, so I started working on them one at a time. I began disassembling the interior, starting with the wooden dash piece and eventually making it all the way down to the heater box. The light switch was sticky, so it was disassembled, wire brushed and lubed and reassembled.

    The next component was the electric fan, which was partially jammed with a pack of Brooklyn chewing gum. Commutator of the motor was sanded with 600 grit paper and the rest cleaned with contact cleaner and brushed.

    Looks good as new! While apart, I had the heater core re-cored, as the fins were quite rusty. Unfortunately all the rubber that goes into the heater box is completely rotten and will need to be fabricated from strips of gasket or rubber sheets. The metal pieces of the heater box will also need a re-paint after the rust has been removed from them.
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