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hopefully you have some experience with painting?
doing the engine bay is kind of a double edge blade. on one side, there's not as much pressure to produce a perfect finish, but on the other side, there's a lot of nooks and crannies that are tough to cover well without getting too much on the surrounding metal and running the paint. i paint a lot of different machinery as part of my work and it has similarities to this. so what i do is cover the inside corners and mostly hidden areas first with a couple of coats and let it flash a little. then cover the rest but mostly ignoring all those spots i already did. if the timing is right it will melt together and you won't get a dry edge. i might use a slow reducer here to help me with the timing.
My experience in painting engine bays includes only me painting the engine bay with epoxy primer. For the most part that turned out very good except for a couple areas with runs caused by exactly what you've described above. Of course, I did exactly the opposite and painted the easy to get areas first, resulting in excess paint being applied to areas already coated while I was trying to get to the hard to get areas.

I'll talk to my uncle about it as well.. He paints a lot and I may see if he will spray the engine bay for me. I'd probably have asked him to paint the repair areas as well but he doesn't have experience blending paint, just painting things all at once.