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Ah, I wish I had the time but I have to live vicariously through you and others restoring Fulvias like Racer.. I'm just at a different stage than a lot of guys on here I'm guessing, have 3 young kids all in school all doing different activities and sports - I work for myself so time is very tight. But I have amassed enough projects to keep me busy the rest of my life. Using this time to collect parts, work on them when there's time and learn all I can as I slowly progress towards restoring the HF. I also have a 72 1.3S that keeps me busy and a 66 which is stripped and in need of body work. I have others too that I kid myself into thinking I have time to deal with...

Watching progress like yours is great for motivation though!
I understand that. Just wait till the kids are a little older and you can put them to work on the cars! Lol.

I still have several little projects for my fulvia planned even after it's back together so you can continue to live vicariously through me for a while still