like the title says, how much lash would be considered normal on a 1,3 ? i've got the cam cover off to adjust the valves and see there's a bit of play there.

in addition, when adjusting the valves i find that it makes a difference where (in the cam rotation) you set the clearance. i know, not on the lobe...
but in the past i've not really paid attention to where the cam was, as long as it was off the lobe when setting the clearance. but i found there is as much as 1.5 thou difference if you set at 180 degrees from the lobe as compared to say 90. on the compression stroke the clearance seems to be greater than at 180 degrees off the lobe. am i explaining this right?
i'm wondering if this might be due to cam wear. in the end i set exactly how the manual suggests, with each cylinder on the compression stroke.