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Thread: Door Handle Mystery

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    Door Handle Mystery

    I have removed the interior door panels on my 1970 Series 1 Sport, with a view to replacing the window scrapers, rechroming the door handles and installing new plastic between the panel and the door. I started with the passenger side and when it came time to remove the door handle, I noted that there was a steel backer behind the door handle on the interior side of the door (photos attached). I guessed it was to distribute the load beyond the two little nuts that hold the door handle on.

    When it came time to do the driver side, i discovered there was no backer on that side. I looked in the Parts Manual and do not see the backer used on any of the Fulvia models, unless it is well hidden and on a different page than the pages containing the door handles. The part is clearly purpose built though.

    So, is anyone else familiar with these backers and, better yet, does anyone have one for the driver side door that is laying about unused?

    Thank you.

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    1970 Fulvia Sport 1.3S

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