Hi all

Rather than hog the other thread anymore (racer has been helping me ) I would rather create a new one with questions regarding my gearbox rebuild.

I have currently ( in the process of removing ) a Very noisy gearbox leaking everywhere. ( diff is quiet however)

I got a cheap second gearbox with unknown history.

My plan is to rebuild it and check current "new" gearbox or at the very least use parts from both to make up one good one.

Before dismantling the new gearbox I would like to get feeling of basic pinion and crown backlash.

rather than bolting lever to output shaft as per repair manual I decided to simply wiggle crown back and fourth using my fingers on crown itself listening for the tick tick against pinion. ( is this an ok method? Or am I misunderstanding something?)
dial indicator stand is bolted to one of the bell housing bolts so it is sturdy.

currently tricky to see the pinion engraving , but if i am measuring correctly the backlash is 0.9mm which seems way excessive?