Scorpion/montecarlo Dash Project

  1. lancialonnie
    I knew DJ could point out the best way to set this up, so I am trying to learn how to take advantage of this discussion group. It looks like we have a dash, thanks to rinco007, and soon will know the most economical way to get it shipped to the US. We are waiting to hear if LanciaHF's buddy is interested in the project. We have three interested parties, LanciaHF, Urborn/Kevin and myself. I'm hoping we can get this accomplished as economically as possible.

    Please feel free to chime in with any suggestions on how we can make this work. I am in Northern California and willing to do whatever I can to make this project work out for all of us that are suffering with self-destructing dashboards. I think we are off to a good start on this! Thanks all!
  2. rinco007
    Ok, today i checked out how to ship at the local postoffice. The local postoffice cannot- and will not send a package with other dimensions as 50x50x100 cm. The dash is a bit longer.

    So shipping must go by DHL or some other private party. Shipping to Sweden has also the same rules. (this was also an option, a swedish friend of one of the lancisti could bring it to the US).

    SO.......maybe one of you lancisti knows a way of shipping which is common in the US and has also activities in Holland, like DHL and UPS. (i tried one of them, but they are charging lik 160 EUR for shipping it).

    Anyone any idea how to fix this?
  3. lancialonnie
    I've got a couple ideas I'll check into and let you know soon. We may have to go the UPS route though and just pay the price.
  4. lanciahf
    Thanks Rinco for checking.

    lancialonnie Let us know what you find out. I'm starting to think maybe letting my friend make a 037 type dash is the best option.
  5. rinco007
    Maybe a stupid question, but do you need the dash in one piece? Or is it possible to make 2 pieces of it so it will fit in 1box?
  6. lancialonnie
    That would depend on the way this is to be remanufactured, I suppose, so we would need to ask lanciahf's production guy. I would imagine it could be reassembled enough to use for making a mold, but I am not familiar with the process. lanciahf, can you ask about this and see if your productions guy is interested and ask about a rough estimate on making up whatever is necessary to get this done? You mentioned maybe an 037 style dash, are you thinking about going with more modern gauges then as well? I know this can be done as I have seen one and it looks great but seems to be a bigger and more expensive option than just replacing the disintegrating plastic and using the gauges that work. Thanks all!
  7. rinco007
    Is this group-thing going to work out? Do i still need to ship the dash or do we need some more time to see where it's going?
  8. lancialonnie
    Hello rinco, I just sent a PM to lanciahf asking for a status from him on production. I had tried to reach my parents in Northen Germany not far from the Nederlands border but I didn't catch them early enough. They are wrapping up their trip now and on a plane. If there are still enough folks interested in this, we'll make it happen this week. Thank you for your patience on this!
  9. lanciahf

    I'm going to pass on the dash project. My friend said he would be interested but would not be able to give a quote or a positive yes/no unless he saw the dash. I'm not so sure he would be able replicate it fully. He does great work with fiberglass and carbon fiber, but this dash looks like it would need some sort of plastic injection process?

    He has offered to make a 037 style dash and I will likely go that route. Once he finishes with the body work I'll post about the dash. Probably summer time.
  10. lancialonnie
    Rinco, It sounds like the group buy opportunity is not going to pan out. Chopping a perfectly good useable dash in half for shipping just isn't good use of the dash and it sounds like shipping it whole is just going to be more expensive than it is worth. If I can think of any reasonable shipping methods, I'll let you know but I can't think of a way to do this in a cost effective manner. Thank you for your patience and for working with us on this. Lonnie
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