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Todd D.

D-50 #14 Final instalment and next project!

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The D-50 is now complete and is sporting the decals of Alberto Ascari's car as it was raced in qualifying for the '55 Monaco GP. The #'s were filled in for the race.....the race famous for being Ascaris last race in which he ended up launching off the pier into the Mediterranean!
As I predicted , the project took nearly 6 months to complete but I thoroughly enjoyed the build and the challenges it threw at me.
I have just returned from 3 weeks in Japan, spending time with the in-laws and exploring Nagasaki, Unzen , Hiroshima,, Osaka, and Tokyo. I made another trip to visit the Model Factory Hiro headquarters in Adachi-ku, a remote suburb of Tokyo. My wife and I were again treated to typical , over-the-top Japanese hospitality. Hiro and Kyoko Misao remembered us from our last visit 2 years ago and once Hiro saw pictures of the Lancia he went into what can only be described as A-D-D overdrive looking for anything Lancia related in their archives. In addition to my new model purchase, I was GIVEN a copy of Piero Casucci's book on 037 and Delta S-4's , a 1/20 scale resin master of an 037 that was used to produce their model, a complete Fujimi 1/20 scale Alitalia Stratos kit as well as 3 frameable watercolors of Alitalia Stratos and a Fulvia. And to top it all off we were again driven back to the train station in Hiro's white Maserati Ghibli!
The new model promises to keep me busy for at least a year. Its a 1/12 scale '62 Ferrari 250 GTO. Probably the most detailed and comprehensive model that MFH produces. It was a very tough choice between an 037, Delta s-4, 312 PB , 917, P-4 or a 64 GTO but the '62 GTO won out. All details are in the kit and I mean ALL. Crankshaft, con-rods, pistons, cams , full valve train, brake lines, fuel lines, heater core and pipes etc. The wheels are made of turned aluminum that include 72 spokes and spoke nipples to be bent and laced by hand for each wheel. Should be fun! Its not a Lancia , but if enough people are interested I could document here. Included in the pics is a shot of my other 2 MFH cars, a 312 T4 and a 156 Sharknose Ferrari.
Anyways, thanks for your comments, enjoy the pictures and if anyone else has any scale projects on the go ,I'd like to hear about it.
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  1. Herby's Avatar
    Todd, thanks so much for posting pictures and story. The D-50 is dead gorgeous.
    I can relate to the challenges imposed since I have scratch-built sailing yacht models to my own design. (now my eyes are shot). I have also lived in Japan for 3 years.

    Good Luck with the Ferrari.