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Restauring my Lancia Fulvia 1200

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This is the Lancia Fulvia 1200 Coupe Series 1 I bought on November 2016. This car has been made by Lancia prior to the FIAT take-over. It has the good old Lancia quality. The first registration was processed on may 6, 1966.

The original owner gave her the HF looks and I decided to keep them: all original parts are in my garage.

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The interior was clean but the dash board wood trim had to be replaced.

I will take her for a couple of test drives on local mountain roads (yes, I'm that lucky!) and I'll soon let you know how things worked out.

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  1. lukestew's Avatar
    Nice looking 1200. Ive never seen wheels like that on a fulvia, they look great. I also have a 1200 though it is much scruffier looking. They are lovely cars. I hope you enjoy it
    What is the black box in the engine bay next to the battery ? A voltage regulator? , cheers Luke
  2. SCUBARUI's Avatar
    Thanks for your comments. The black box you see on top of the right wheel cover is the original relays box.
    Keep in mind that my engine block has a production date of 1964: This may have been one of the very first coupes produced by Lancia, probably using the castings from the 4 door model.