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Todd D.

Building a 1/20 scale D-50 #11

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The D-50 is looking more and more like some crazy V-8 rat rod! Wait till you see pics of it with the exhaust attached.
I've been busy working on the wheels as well as putting the cooling fins and brake lines on the brake drums. The fuel ? tank is on but I need to connect it to the fuel shut off valve which is that yellow knob in the cockpit.
I mentioned in the last post that a pin head is too big to replicate the many rivets on the side tanks, but the diameter of the pin itself looks about right. So, in the end I drilled out all the rivets and inserted the pins from the inside. This gives the pin heads more surface area for the glue to hold them in place. The tanks look like little porcupines when dry , but then you have to snip the pins off with pliers. The pliers I used needed to be ground down then filed smooth so that the pins could be cut almost flush to the tanks. Once cut ,I filed the pins smooth being careful not to scratch the tanks. I think it looks about right....what do you think?
The steering wheel is made up of a metal rim and hub with a photo etched set of spokes. I primed the rim then painted it light brown with a wash of clear orange. Since real Nardi steering wheels are made of 2 pieces of laminated hickory screwed and glued to the frame I replicated the look by lightly scoring the outer and inner edge with a razor which brings out the metal underneath. The center will have a lancia decal applied to it when finished.
Next, I'll be continuing with the side tanks. There are alot of very small photo etch pieces to add for the mounts . And speaking of small photo etch pieces, the cold air inlet flap on the top of the cowl will be open and consists of 6 photo etch pieces.( its about 6mm across!)
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