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Todd D.

Building a 1/20 scale D-50

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Work on the real Lancias continues with the Scorpion having its rear 3/4 windows re-glued into place as well as the plastic trim that goes around the windows and the HPE has its re-built starter motor back and should be in by tomorrow.
In the meantime I have started putting together the tube chassis on the D-50. This stage of the build requires a lot of clean-up filing of the tubes and drilling the tubes to ensure a solid connection. The tough part is that you really need to dry fit all of it to make sure it goes together correctly before you glue anything. You would think that the sides of the chassis would be parallel but because the engine is at an angle the left side angles outward to accommodate the driveshaft. The pedals are photo-etch and are glued to a p-e floor pan that is folded to form a box section. The driveshaft is placed loosely inside a p-e box just as the real D-50 does to protect the driver in case of a driveshaft breakage. This is just one of the ground-breaking ideas that Vittorio Jano incorporated into the D-50. Till then the driver sat on top of the driveshaft
straddling it. Jano angled the engine so that the driveshaft ran beside the driver allowing him to sit lower in the cockpit and lowering the center of gravity.
Tiny stainless steel balls are used for the shift knobs. There is the gear shift linkage on the right , but also one on the left which I really don't know what it was for.......hand brake maybe or to adjust the de-dion tube linkage?
Once I glue the side tubes on , I need to add a bracket to support the shift arm, 2 perforated panels on either side of the pedal box and 5 small tubes to triangulate the structure then the top goes on top with the roll bar/head rest......
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