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Todd D.

Building a 1/20 scale D-50

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The basic engine is complete now. I jumped ahead a few steps to add the wiring or the twin spark ignition. Wires from the twin magnetos come through the firewall and enter 2 tapered pipes to head to the plugs. The pipes are solid white metal and are roughly the size of a toothpick. I carefully drilled the interior of the pipe and the eight holes for the wires then super glued the wire to the holes. The heads were drilled to accept the wires. Sorry, no spark plugs....I know my limitations.
The oil filler pipes were added as well as the rest of the cam cover bolts.
I enjoyed putting the rear transverse leaf spring together. It consists of 10 photo etched leafs and 4 photo etched shackles that are bent to go around the leafs. The shackles are attached to the stack of leafs with a tiny soft metal "rivet" that once in place is squeezed with a pair of needle-nose pliers. It mushrooms both sides of the rivet and solidifies the structure. 4 pins are cut from .8mm nickel silver wire, each 3mm long to close up the shackles. These are super glued in place.
The rear transaxle assembly is straight forward but did require some filing and drilling to accept the shift linkage . The screws are included in the kit but, for example, in order to attach the leaf spring you must first drill out the white metal and then tap it as well ,after figuring out what the thread pitch is on the tiny doesn't say in the instructions.
Next up will be assembling the chassis structure which consists of a whole lot of tubes, the shift linkages, pedals and drive shaft.
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