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Todd D.

Building a 1/20 scale Lancia D-50

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Its been a busy week with the 1:1 scale Lancias. The Scorpions getting a coolant flush and brake overhaul and the HPE has had a power steering hose replaced and now looks like it needs a starter motor rebuild. But , despite that I've managed to get the D-50 project started as well. The first stage is to assemble the engine. Its a straight forward process but it involves a lot of prep work. All the parts are cast white metal that need some clean-up with a file to remove casting marks and to plane the mating surfaces just as you would a real engine. Also, a very nice detail of this model is the chromed head and valve cover bolts. They are absolutely accurate but the holes need to be drilled into the cam covers.
There are 40 bolts requiring 40 .018 diameter holes to be drilled. The directions need to be studied carefully because some of the bolts need to be left off till later where they are used to support the oil filler tubes and the tubes that carry all the twin spark ignition wires. At the front of the engine is added the oil filter housing as well as the water pump and coolant tubes and another oil filler tube for the right side of the engine.
Overall the engine was primed in Tamiya grey surface primer then covered in a wash of Tamiya acrylic X-19 smoke to bring out the details. Next up will be to add the twin magneto ignition distributors that stick through the firewall but they look to be a bit fragile , so I'll wait until all the head bolts are on first.
Also there is a tricky oil filler tube that appears on the left side of the engine. There are 2 tiny photo etch plates that support the tube and filler cap and a hole that needs to be drilled into the sump first.
I need to find a digital camera that can focus more , but until then, enjoy the photos.
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