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Fulvia 1.3s Restore

Do not try this a home

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No, really - just don't it's really, really dangerous.

My Fulvia has a very religious petrol tank.

It's very holy.

The tank has been removed and vented to the atmosphere for at least two years to my knowledge, and probably more like ten years in fact. Hence there is no vapour left in the tank, it's all evaporated.

And that's why I can solder the tank - Your tank will have petrol and more importantly petrol vapour in it. If you add heat (or a spark) it will go bang, and that will not be good for you.

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First job was to scratch all the rust off around the holes, and then apply some paint on solder. I used a blow torch to heat it up and melt it. That gave me a "key" that I could add more solder onto. I also used a rag to move the molten solder around.

Once I'd found and patched all the holes I needed to test it. I didn't want to add water to the tank (as it would aid the rusting process), I definitely didn't want to add petrol (if I'd missed any holes, I wouldn't be able to patch them), so I decided on air...

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Here's my (patent pending) test rig.

I had to seal all the orifices - hence the rubber gloves and zip ties, and then add some air - hence the tyre pump!

It took me four attempts to find all the holes I'd missed!

Don't try this at home. Please.

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  1. GlynW's Avatar
    Perhaps you could make a (short) career of this! I did something similar to mine but then finished off with a slosh-coating inside the tank. It was a long time ago (20 years) and there must be even better coatings available now, but it has lasted so far.
  2. Fen Fulvia's Avatar
    I'm only doing this once.

    ..Err... well, actually twice, as the "running" Fulvia has an MG petrol tank, and it's a pain to fill, as the pump clicks out if you try to use more than about 10% of the capacity.

    But both tanks haven't seen petrol for a long time, and they have been vented.

    Don't do this at home...

    Oh, and yes, I'll be coating the insides as well