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Lancia Beta Zagato badge decals

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Uploaded by SubGothius - 21st April 2017
Author Author Tyson F Nuss (SubGothius)
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This provides various vector and Gerber plotter file formats suitable for creating cut-vinyl decals to replace faded screenprinting on trunklid badges for the Lancia Beta Zagato spider. These replicate the badge style for 1979, with text blocks offset to the left within the longer badge rectangle. The font is New Century Schoolbook, in case you wish to modify these for other submodels in the Beta range. I have provided Zagato decals with an optional barbed-Z Carrozzeria Zagato logo, appearing within the right-hand void area formed by this offset; if you don't want the Z logo, you can simply weed it out or omit it during decal application. As these only specify cutlines for the blade-plotter, it's also possible to make "inverse" versions of the decal suitable for other uses, as that merely depends on how you or your decal vendor "weed out" voids vs. solids from the final cut sheet.

Badge prep and decal application:

Use a green ScotchBrite pad to remove any remaining traces of factory screenprinting and oxidation from the base badge metal. Hold the pad down on a flat surface and scrub the badge face-down across it in a linear motion to clean and buff the badge surface to a subtle brushed-metal texture. Before final decal application, spraying the badge surface with a dilute solution of water and dish soap will facilitate repositioning if needed. Your decal vendor may provide a flexible plastic burnishing tool (aka "squeegee" or "bone") suitable for rubbing the decal adhesive firmly against the base metal, which will also drive out any air bubbles and soapy water, or you may fashion a makeshift burnisher of your own from any flexible plastic in your recycling bin. After application, no topcoat or other sealant should be needed, as the vinyl and adhesive are very durable, and the buffed metal has already formed a transparent aluminum oxide coating upon exposure to air. After application of my own decals followed by a decade-plus of daily exposure to the brutal Tucson sun, my badges still look pretty sharp (see included photo).

  • 4-up:
    • 4 copies of 1979-style Lancia and Zagato text emblems (w/ optional barbed-Z Zagato logo)

  • Variety:
    • 2 copies of 1979-style Zagato text emblem (w/ optional barbed-Z Zagato logo);
    • 3 copies of '70s-style big-L Lancia block logo emblem;
    • 3 copies of Lancia text emblem.




23rd May 2017 at 11:25 AM
Nowadays, you can just go on Ebay and buy a set for a reasonable price with the return of your old core trunk emblems.
Cores are cleaned, primed, painted and glossed with applied decals. Its an excellent reproduction. See for yourself.