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Fulvia carburetors, PART II, I.1 "About burning ue

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Uploaded by Marnix - 1st March 2017
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Hi. Seems it is highly desirable to have some kind of manual for the Fulvia carburetors as becomes apparant from all the confusion in the Fulvia forum. I am attempting to write such a thing, but writing is slow, I can only do in my spare time, which is few and far in between. Rather then wait till I got everything written, which may still be years away, I decided to publish every small section I got finished. This is the first part (it is Part II, not Part I: Part I gives a detailed overview on the parts, but still working on that one). Afraid it is probably rather boring, since I decided that to really understand the subtle stuff of the Fulvia carburetors, some general principles need to be fully understood first. This very first part is only about "burning fuel". It doesn't even start on the general principles of carburetors, but since there are that many misconceptions about carburetors, it is deemed necessary.
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