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  1. Gosh, it's been a while...

    I have to be honest - I haven't done much on the Fulvia in the last twelve months. I can't give a a good reason, I just lost my drive.

    However, I'm back!

    * The refurbished petrol tank is back in the boot, with all the pipes are connected.
    * The brake pipes I stole to get the other Fulvia though the MOT last year have been replaced and fitted.
    * A new brake master cylinder has been purchased and fitted.

    I need to secure the pipes with some p-clips, ...
  2. 82 Lancia Zagato

    Looking for a engine compartment light,dose anybody have one,& price please,thanks Larry
  3. Lancia flavia coupe

    Quote Originally Posted by angelo View Post
    Just finished my 5 year long project of restoring my 1962 lancia flavia (coupe dual solex carburator) s/n 1541. Due to loosing my storage area I am investigating selling it. I probably have 2000 plus pictures from stripping down to bare metal to finishing completely while maintaining its originality and beauty. If any one is interested please pm me and i will send you pictures and be more then happy to discuss the project. I would also like to hear your comments about value, this car has been totally
  4. Gear shift knob for Fulvia Coupe 1.3 S2

    Hi, I'd like to replace the existing gear shift knob on a 1974 Fulvia Coupe 1.3 S2 with a custom one done by a local wood working craftsman. He is asking for the knob diameter as well as drilling diameter/length. Would anyone have this information? If so, many thanks on thoughts, recommendations.

  5. Having trouble identifying the Lancia Fulvia registration

    Hi. I’m about to make the final payment on a Lancia Fulvia I plan to purchase in the UK and import to California where I live. The seller has produced a registration for the vehicle but I’m concerned that it may not match the car. Some of this is because the seller said it was originally a 1975 1.3. Then when I said a 1975 was going to be a problem to register in California, a copy of the registration was produced that shows it may be a 1974 (and it does say that on the registration form). ...
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