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  1. Pipes!

    The person who removed the heater matrix from the car didn't bother to unscrew the jubilee clips, they just cut the pipes.

    So I had to replace the pipes. I measured the outlet on the manifold and purchased three metres of 16mm pipe. Some how I managed to cut the pipe about 10cm too short. Just as well I'd purchased more than needed.

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    Then I made another nasty find. The return pipes are a smaller diameter than the flow pipe. Back ...
  2. Missing Senders

    My spare engine didn't come with a oil pressure sender or a water temperature sender. Instead of robbing them from my good engine, I managed to get some spares (thanks Simon!).

    Then I realised that that I was missing something. I had three senders,
    • a water temperature sender for the gauge,
    • a water temperature sender for the electric fan, and
    • a oil pressure sender

    but I only had two wires. A black one, and a yellow and black one.

    I also couldn't work ...
  3. Final front brake pipes

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    The drivers side is now all plumbed in.
  4. Water Pipes

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    It seemed to make sense to connect up the small water pump pipe before I installed the radiator...
  5. The Other Side

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    Tonight was the other side - I also connected up the flexible brake pipes as well!

    I might be able to put some brake fluid in soon.
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