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  1. GTL internal door relaese handles

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    The parts catalogue states different part numbers for Pininfarina and GTL. Although the GTL system is similar to the PF the parts are not identical. Maybe the PF part will not fit the GTL.
  2. photos

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    Apologies to all for my letting the crusty old curmudgeon in me out in my earlier responses.

    Work has been wild lately with a huge year-plus enterprise-wide project finally going live. Not an excuse, just a bit of an explanation.

    It's been a long year but I finally got them there.

    I'm actually looking at options for moving to a new platform but have to find one that I think is sustainable for the long haul. Also have to weigh the costs and effort involved.
  3. D-50 #13 near completion

    It took 3 attempts to get the paint right.......but I succeeded and its almost done.
    enjoy the pics.
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  4. Restauring my Lancia Fulvia 1200

    Back in Sunny Portugal it was decision time.

    We removed the engine head and I didn't really like what I saw:

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Name:	IMG_1138.JPG 
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ID:	13293 Cylinder #3 had some mayonnaise and the block top showed signs of combustion gas passing to the cooling system.

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Name:	IMG_1142.JPG 
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ID:	13294 This could also be seen on the head itself.

    My engine had 76 mm diameter cylinders and 67 mm stroke. I decided to bore the cylinders out to 77.5 mm and to buy the 1300 ...

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  5. Restauring my Lancia Fulvia 1200

    I took the Fulvia to the mountain roads. Superb handling, spongy breaks, sufficient power, poor idle, some water consumption.
    I took the car to the best guy in town (a former FIA tech. inspector) and we started checking things.

    Cylinder #3 was low on compression, one of the ignition adjustment springs was broken, purging the break lines didn't help. I knew I had some work to do.
    Although the car passed emission tests with flying colors, I decided that id Fulvia was going ...
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