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  1. Gear stick woes

    I deliberately didn't attach the gear selector to the gear box when I was fitting the engine/gearbox/subframe to the car - I was worried about it belting the tunnel and snapping off.

    Today I am ruing that decision.

    I've just tried to fit the gear selector, and it won't fit over the studs that connect it to the gearbox.

    So either I remove the studs (not really that much fun), or I try to lift the body off the subframe (again) just enough (3 or 4 cm) to allow ...
  2. Handbrake

    The handbrake has been fitted.

    The routing is "interesting" - the lever pulls a rod, and the rod has a saddle at the end, and the wire that heads off to the brake drums at the rear latch over that saddle.

    So if the wire snaps, you loose both drums. Very un-Lancia like.

    I connected up all the bits to the handbrake ready for fitting under the car.

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    Then I spotted that half way down the car there's ...
  3. Choke Woes

    I tried to connect up the choke to the carbs on the car, but I couldn't work out how the cable was connected to the bar. Some one had cut the cable in the past, so I just had the bolt and about 10cm of wire hanging off it.

    Then I realised that the top of the bolt had sheered off the connector.

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    Luckily I obtained spare complete bar, connector and bolt. I swapped out the bar, threaded the wire, and then sheered the top off the bolt ...
  4. Connecting the steering wheel

    The steering column is sprung loaded - in fact there are two springs. One is at the top underneath the central boss where the horn is, and the other (much stronger) spring is at the bottom were the the column connects to the universal joint.

    I fitted the small shaft to the steering box with out to much trouble, but there was no way I could press the column down while trying to connect the two shafts.

    I needed to compress the spring.

    Some cable ties to the rescue.. ...

    Updated 13th August 2016 at 03:56 PM by Fen Fulvia

  5. This is supposed to be a Fulvia Blog

    The Delta had a lot of work done about about six years ago, but there are some spots that need a bit more work now.

    The rear offside wheel arch was really spoiling the look of the car.

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    The good news is that the inner arch is in good nick.

    Name:  2-IMG_7274.JPG
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    The bad news is that the rot was at the bottom of the arch as well.

    Name:  3-IMG_7270.JPG
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    The plastic side skirt was stuck ...
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