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  1. Restauring my Lancia Fulvia 1200

    Back in Sunny Portugal it was decision time.

    We removed the engine head and I didn't really like what I saw:

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ID:	13293 Cylinder #3 had some mayonnaise and the block top showed signs of combustion gas passing to the cooling system.

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ID:	13294 This could also be seen on the head itself.

    My engine had 76 mm diameter cylinders and 67 mm stroke. I decided to bore the cylinders out to 77.5 mm and to buy the 1300 ...

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  2. Restauring my Lancia Fulvia 1200

    I took the Fulvia to the mountain roads. Superb handling, spongy breaks, sufficient power, poor idle, some water consumption.
    I took the car to the best guy in town (a former FIA tech. inspector) and we started checking things.

    Cylinder #3 was low on compression, one of the ignition adjustment springs was broken, purging the break lines didn't help. I knew I had some work to do.
    Although the car passed emission tests with flying colors, I decided that id Fulvia was going ...
  3. Restauring my Lancia Fulvia 1200

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    This is the Lancia Fulvia 1200 Coupe Series 1 I bought on November 2016. This car has been made by Lancia prior to the FIAT take-over. It has the good old Lancia quality. The first registration was processed on may 6, 1966.

    The original owner gave her the HF looks and I decided to keep them: all original parts are in my garage.

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    The interior was clean but the dash board wood trim had to be replaced. ...