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  1. QYKSLVR's Avatar
    You can download an ebook copy at
  2. scuderia's Avatar
    My copy is not for sale.

    I found mine on ebay for a good price. Copies do come up often there for sale.

  3. motoTrooper's Avatar
    Hey I may have one, let me know. You may want to post in the classifieds section rather than the blog section.
  4. flyfisher's Avatar
    Yes a copy would be great .
  5. flyfisher's Avatar
    Did not need to modify it at all,thought i would have to ,but does the job just fine.
  6. scuderia's Avatar
  7. flyfisher's Avatar
    I have found a valve tool on line from its for a Fiat 124, with a little modifing (grinding) it works good,cost $54