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  1. flyfisher's Avatar
    This may be the Link.
  2. QYKSLVR's Avatar
    You can download an ebook copy at
  3. DJ's Avatar
    Maybe try posting this question in the forums. The blogs don't get as much traffic.
  4. scuderia's Avatar
    My copy is not for sale.

    I found mine on ebay for a good price. Copies do come up often there for sale.

  5. motoTrooper's Avatar
    Hey I may have one, let me know. You may want to post in the classifieds section rather than the blog section.
  6. flyfisher's Avatar
    Yes a copy would be great .
  7. flyfisher's Avatar
    Did not need to modify it at all,thought i would have to ,but does the job just fine.
  8. scuderia's Avatar
  9. flyfisher's Avatar
    I have found a valve tool on line from its for a Fiat 124, with a little modifing (grinding) it works good,cost $54