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Fulvia 1.3s Restore

Documenting the slow progress of getting a Fulvia back on it's wheels!

  1. Gosh, it's been a while...

    I have to be honest - I haven't done much on the Fulvia in the last twelve months. I can't give a a good reason, I just lost my drive.

    However, I'm back!

    * The refurbished petrol tank is back in the boot, with all the pipes are connected.
    * The brake pipes I stole to get the other Fulvia though the MOT last year have been replaced and fitted.
    * A new brake master cylinder has been purchased and fitted.

    I need to secure the pipes with some p-clips, ...
  2. The other Fulvia in my life

    It was MOT time for the other Fulvia, unfortunately it didn't pass first time around..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There was a hole in the leading edge of the rear wheel arch, a few rubbing brake hoses, and a couple of holes in the exhaust..

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    Looks like I might have hit something!

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    and here are the AFTER photos...

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  3. Do not try this a home

    No, really - just don't it's really, really dangerous.

    My Fulvia has a very religious petrol tank.

    It's very holy.

    The tank has been removed and vented to the atmosphere for at least two years to my knowledge, and probably more like ten years in fact. Hence there is no vapour left in the tank, it's all evaporated.

    And that's why I can solder the tank - Your tank will have petrol and more importantly petrol vapour in it. If you add heat (or a spark) ...
  4. Gunk

    I finally got around to taking the plastic cover off the old brake servo

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There's a fair amount of gunk in the bottom of the reservoirs, I'm glad I'm replacing the whole thing.
  5. Robbing Peter to pay Paul

    The "running" Fulvia failed it's MOT due to a couple of things, one of which was some brake pipes that had been rubbing on the wheel.

    Hmm - now where could I get a set of brake pipes quickly?

    It only took be about 20 minutes to get the wheel off, and remove the pipes. So I didn't enjoy doing it, but it got me a set of pipes very quickly, and I can order a new set (plus some spares) off the internet at my leisure.
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