View Full Version : Beta Zagato Spider Story

4th April 2004, 09:01 AM
I live in North Carolina, USA and have a silver 82 Zagato that I have been working on for about a year. I blindly bought it on Ebay for $800 and had it shipped here from the Chicago area. The car had been donated to the American Cancer Society and auctioned off on Ebay. When it arrived, it would not run, had four rotten tires and looked like it had lived in a barn under the livestock. My wife gave me a dirty look when my new car was finally delivered and pushed into the garage(blocking access to our lawn tools of course). I named her Bridget (wife hates her understandably). Like most Lancia owners I invested quite a bit of time and money to bring her back from the dead; new gas tank, fuel pump/hoses, radiator, thermostat, power steering rack, exaust system, soft top, belts including timing belt, plugs, bushings, brakes, front and rear struts, wheel refinishing and new tires, new light and signal cluster, and on and on! I am driving the car now and it runs good...it needs some body work and a paint job. I bought a VX air dam, Hella driving lights and an aftermarket rear spoiler to add a flair. I installed an Alpine deck in the dash with some major dash surgery...a CD changer in the trunk...added some 6X9 Pioneer speakers in the back...had to do a lot of cutting and also had to make some custom panels for them to fit on the sides but you have to have some BASS! As you can tell, I am addicted...I love these cars...they draw a lot of attention. Only thing...parts are very hard to find of course...they are an awful investment...there is an ever present fear of something breaking/going wrong. You can't just pull up to any gas station for help...tried that and got a few laughs from the staff! I bought a new silver 82 Zagato out of the Fiat/Lancia showroom back in 1982. I had put 4000 gentle miles on it...I was out on a date one night with a hot chic when I heard and felt something awful...pow, bang, RRRRrrrrrr..r...r....My brand new semi-exotic had thrown a rod and was bleeding oil all over the place...I felt worse than Captain Hazelwood. One good point though...I just happened to coast into the parking lot of a former employer who had laid me off a few years earlier...I was glad to leave them something to remember me by. It took the dealer a month to rebuild the engine and do you think they gave me a loaner to drive? Anyway, thanks for reading my book here...I had to tell my story. PS...my wife still hates the car...Bridget understands me though. MR