View Full Version : Powder coating *TIP*

2nd October 2006, 06:53 AM
I don't know how many guys on here use powder coat guns, I have been using a relatively cheap "Hotcoat" i.e. Eastwood gun for about five years now.

One of the big PITAs is that I'm always looking to alternate between very low pressure for the gun, and high pressure to blast away the residue, clean the part back off because there''s a speck of foreign matter or a "smudge" in the powder, or blast the gun clean to change color.

Normally, this means an expensive secondary regulator or going all the way back to the compressor to crank the main up or down. This can get quite tedious as you have to then adjust the main down to 1-2 PSI which you can't do with pressure in the line, so you have to bleed pressure off while you recalaibrate the reg.

Anyway, I put in an LPG line for my S.O.'s father yesterday and I just happened to have a bag out that I keep all my old propane grill repair bits in, and I noticed that the LPG regulator is rated at about 1 PSI.

In one of those "lightbulb-over-the-head" moments, I added a male quik-connect onto the LPG regulator and connected the other end of it to the drier for the Hotcoat gun.

I did have some misgivings as to whether the 100PSI I keep my main line at was going to turn the regulator inside out, but it works flawlessly- the LPG regulator makes just the right amount of "smoke" from the gun and it can be de-clipped in half a second to allow the use of a blow gun at line pressure.

Since the cost of the LPG regulator is about $6 as compared to $75 for an adjustable unit, and you may have an LPG job laying around in your household stash, I thought this was worth sharing.