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  1. Wanted: 1988 Integrale hood
  2. Wanted: Koni Special D Front Struts for Lancia Scorpion
  3. Wanted: Fulvia coupe S2/S3 cylinder head
  4. Wanted: Seat sliders
  5. Wanted: S1 Fulvia coupe master cylinder
  6. For Sale: Marchal 880 Yellow Fog Lights + Soft Covers
  7. Wanted: Matador Outside Mirror
  8. Trade: New web site to find lancia parts
  9. For Sale: Lancia aurelia parts
  10. Wanted: 1977 Beta 1800 cylinder head
  11. Wanted: Zagato Rear Glass Lifter
  12. For Sale: 1977 Lancia Scorpion on Bring-a-Trailer
  13. Wanted: Fulvia 1.3 crankshaft
  14. eBay: For Sale: 2nd Series Fulvia Coupé Miscellaneous Parts-Tools
  15. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe crankshaft + other parts
  16. For Sale: Lancia Scorpion Grill Emblem & Shift Rod Bushing
  17. Craig's List: 1982 Beta Zagato (ex-Allen Lofland?)
  18. For Sale: Aurelia parts
  19. For Sale: Flaminia parts
  20. For Sale: Assorted 79' Beta parts
  21. Wanted: 81 Zagato Fuel tank
  22. For Sale: Lancia Fulvia Shop Manual
  23. For Sale: LH door Jam Vehicle Spec Sticker-Lancia Beta 2000- Reproduction
  24. For Sale: Fulvia 1.3S complete engine and box for sale UK £400
  25. Wanted: Wanted. Fulvia series 2 coupe windscreen
  26. Wanted: Looking for Fulvia Coupe S1 or early S2 that’s been driven, not sitting
  27. For Sale: Fulvia 1.6 HF Engine
  28. Wanted: 1978 Beta steering column light stalk
  29. Craig's List: 1977 Lancia Beta HPE 1800 - $2000
  30. Wanted: Series 1 glove box
  31. For Sale: 1969/70 Becker Europe
  32. For Sale: Zagato-style bubble top for Lancia Scorpion/Montecarlo from The Monte Hospital - NEW
  33. For Sale: 1976 lancia scorpion
  34. For Sale: NOS Original Talbot Mirrors
  35. For Sale: NOS Original Talbot Berlin Mirrors
  36. Free: 14 inch steel wheels for appia
  37. Free: HPE 1979 - fair condition
  38. Wanted: Fulvia Coupe, Series 1 LHD; part; lower dash pad/s
  39. For Sale: 4 6x14 Minilites and tyres.
  40. For Sale: 1976 Lancia Scorpion at Copart Auction
  41. For Sale: 1968 Fulvia GT
  42. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe
  43. Wanted: Fulvia S2 1600 interior vent slider thingy wanted
  44. Wanted: Cromodora or Campagnolo wheels for Fulvia s2/3
  45. For Sale: Lancia flavia coupe
  46. Wanted: Needed: Splined Steering Pitman Arm from S2
  47. For Sale: Appia Vignali conv. parting out.....
  48. For Sale: Fiamm roadmaster air horns
  49. For Sale: Marchal 819 Clear Driving Lights
  50. Wanted: Fulvia series 1 rally coupe 1,3s flywheel
  51. Wanted: Rear suspenion link for Zagato
  52. Craig's List: 76 Beta Coupe. blown engine
  53. For Sale: Fulvia coupe offside drivers door excellent
  54. Wanted: Wanted: Fulvia coupe rear parcel shelf
  55. Wanted: Lancia Monte carlo Front bumer lighs
  56. Wanted: 82 Zagato eng. comp light
  57. For Sale: Montecarlo Parts
  58. For Sale: Set Talbot Berlin Mirrors Type 300
  59. Wanted: Looking for a 1977 Scorpion
  60. Wanted: Tool kit and spare tire clamp for Series 1 Fulvia Sport
  61. Wanted: Fulvia S1 Period Alloy Wheel Set
  62. For Sale: FOR SALE: Fulvia 1.6HF ENGINE
  63. Wanted: Flavia 2000 Coupe Steering Wheel
  64. For Sale: 1976 Lancia Scorpion
  65. Wanted: Scorpion/Montecarlo front wheel arch liners
  66. For Sale: Possible part out or buy whole car.
  67. eBay: Cheap Fulvia cylinder head and engine rebuild kit on ebay
  68. For Sale: 1958 Lancia Aurelia B24s Convertible
  69. For Sale: Fulvia 3 Front and Rear Bumpers
  70. For Sale: Fulvia 3 Steering Wheel
  71. For Sale: NOS Original Talbot 300 Mirrors
  72. For Sale: '66 S1 Fulvia coupe
  73. Wanted: Top section of Fulvia dash
  74. Wanted: S2 rear brake pads
  75. Wanted: Solex 42 carbs
  76. For Sale: S2 Fulvia coupe rear bake pads
  77. Wanted: WTB parts scorpion parts car
  78. Wanted: WANTED: S1 Fulvia Zagato
  79. Wanted: Beta Coupe
  80. Wanted: Looking for a Fulvia S1 Hood
  81. Wanted: Series 2 Fulvia windscreen wiper/washer stalk
  82. Wanted: Appia Vignale Door Striker
  83. For Sale: Various chrome parts, lights, glass, mechanical parts etc
  84. For Sale: Scorpion parts
  85. For Sale: Scorpion parts
  86. Wanted: Fulvia Coupe
  87. Craig's List: 1975 Beta Berlina for the vultures
  88. For Sale: Spare parts that were with my 67 fulvia
  89. For Sale: Original Front PLate From My 67 Fulvia - Pavia
  90. Wanted: Fulvia S1 Windscreen Washer bottle
  91. Wanted: Fulvia Series 3 sump pan and strainer
  92. Wanted: RHD Lancia Flavia 2000 Coupe or 2000 Coupe
  93. Wanted: Wanted Fulvia S2 Heater Box/Parts
  94. For Sale: 1992 Evo 1 for sale
  95. Wanted: S144 distributor
  96. For Sale: Ritmo/Abarth Cam: 10.75 S.S
  97. For Sale: Fulvia Berlina- Restoration project/break for spares?
  98. For Sale: 1979 Beta Coupe with Zagato SE Wheels and Trim
  99. Wanted: Fulvia door springs needed
  100. For Sale: 1992 Evo I at auction
  101. Wanted: Lancia Fulvia S1 coupé right side door opening mechanism
  102. For Sale: For Sale: Rare, Italian classic
  103. For Sale: Lancia factory racing header for Beta - NOS
  104. For Sale: All sorts of engine/interior/exterior/drivetrain parts Fulvia coupé Serie 1 1.3S
  105. For Sale: 40/80 cams, electronic distributor, and coil from Vick's
  106. Wanted: Parts book, repair manual, etc
  107. Wanted: Fulvia 13" Cromodora Mag Wheel Required
  108. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe crankshaft + other parts
  109. For Sale: Fulvia Gearbox
  110. For Sale: 1972 lancia fulvia red ext. And black interior,
  111. For Sale: Lancia Fulvia Zagato headlight surround for sale
  112. For Sale: Very nice FLU Club Lancia Scorpion Jacket
  113. For Sale: Copart auction - '76 Scorpion
  114. For Sale: 1968 Fulvia (Alloy Panels)