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  1. For Sale: Scorpion exhaust components and msc parts
  2. Wanted: Fulvia under bonnet light
  3. Wanted: Lancia Beta Sedan
  4. For Sale: 1976 Lancia Scorpion and parts car $3500.00 for everything.
  5. For Sale: Pristine 75 Beta Berlina $ 3500
  6. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupes
  7. Wanted: Fulvia Sport Zagato
  8. For Sale: 1981 Beta coupe with sunroof for sale
  9. For Sale: 1981 Beta Zagato front shocks best offer + shipping
  10. Wanted: White distributor pickup wire
  11. Wanted: Sill Strips
  12. Wanted: Looking for series 2 Fulvia ??
  13. Wanted: Choke Cable
  14. Wanted: Headlight bezel thumb nuts M4
  15. Wanted: Aurelia tools
  16. For Sale: Flavia engine
  17. For Sale: Parting out my 76 Scorpion
  18. Wanted: Fulvia Zagato Rear Side Window Chrome Trim
  19. Wanted: Wanted:Beta transmission.
  20. Wanted: Wanted. 1600hf Fulvia Coupe for restoration. Cash paid will travel southern england
  21. For Sale: 1982 Montecarlo Spider in New Zealand
  22. For Sale: Weber 40 DCOE Carbs
  23. eBay: 1977 Beta HPE resto project
  24. Wanted: Wheel bearing and Clock for Fulvia S2 or Fiat 124 Veglia anything considered...
  25. For Sale: S1 '69 Fulvia coupe
  26. Wanted: Wanted for 82 Lancia Zagato
  27. Wanted: Old/new wheel bearing for Fulvia please
  28. Wanted: Wanted: Flavia coupe ('63-'69)
  29. Wanted: 76 Lancia at pick n pull sacramento
  30. For Sale: 1.6 HF S2 shell and alloy doors and boot and tons of 1.3 spares
  31. Wanted: S1 Distributor
  32. For Sale: 1977 Lancia beta Montecarlo
  33. Wanted: crankshaft
  34. Wanted: Subframe for '82 Zagato
  35. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe parts
  36. Wanted: 1.6 Fulvia Intake Manifold
  37. Wanted: Cooling fan leads with connectors
  38. For Sale: Scorpion Montecarlo rear wheel arch repair section
  39. For Sale: Lancia Scorpion custom perforated round hole 037-style rear grills
  40. Wanted: Broken or cracked 7 inch headlights for S2 or anything similar
  41. Wanted: fulvia 1300 pistons
  42. Wanted: S1 coupe rubber carpets
  43. Wanted: Montecarlo front turn signals
  44. Wanted: Fulvia 1300 S2 Engine bearings
  45. For Sale: For Sale : S1 Fulvia coupes looking for good homes!
  46. For Sale: Lancia flavia nos subframes
  47. For Sale: Lancia Fulvia 3
  48. For Sale: S1 front+ rear bumpers + seats + steering wheel and more
  49. For Sale: 76 Lancia Beta Coupe for sale
  50. For Sale: Fiat Lancias Five of them. $500.00 for all 5. Penn Valley, California.
  51. For Sale: Original canvas printed photos - Lancia Delta HF Integrale
  52. For Sale: 5 speed Gearbox 818.612 from series 2 saloon - 10/41 final drive
  53. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe parts (used / new)
  54. For Sale: 76 Lancia scorpion for sale
  55. For Sale: 1977 Scorpion
  56. Wanted: Fulvia S2; Starter motor and radiator mounts
  57. Wanted: Fulvia Zagato 1600 Window Switches
  58. For Sale: Fulvia coupes
  59. For Sale: Flavia 2000 hf spares
  60. Wanted: 6th-Series Aurelia B24s Convertible chassis and body needed
  61. For Sale: Parts from my '77 Scorpion
  62. For Sale: Fulvia Cam Cover
  63. Wanted: Lancia Scorpion Dash Pass Side Padding
  64. Wanted: Beta Rear Strut Parts - Gaskets(2) and Retainer Ring
  65. Wanted: Scorpion Buttress Trim & throttle bell crank assembly
  66. For Sale: '66 S1 Fulvia (rhd0
  67. Wanted: Lanca Thema 8.32 badge
  68. For Sale: Integrale plus Integrale seats in fair condition on ebay uk
  69. For Sale: 1969 Fulvia series one 1,3 sport, Zagato body rolling restoration for sale
  70. For Sale: Lancia Beta Front Strut Assembly
  71. For Sale: Lancia Gamma Coupè S2 , July 1984, 2.0 ltrs, 74K kms
  72. For Sale: '71 S2 Fulvia coupe (lhd)
  73. Free: Anybody in the Portland Oregon area up for a free Beta parts car?
  74. For Sale: Fulvia water rad- no leaks, cleaned and painted
  75. Wanted: Scorpion Motor Mount Bushings
  76. Wanted: Beta Replacement Strut Cap - Large diameter
  77. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe front & rear seats / door / rear panels + other parts
  78. For Sale: 1954 Lancia Appia Berlina in SoCal
  79. For Sale: couple of alu doors for fulvia zagato
  80. Wanted: Wanted, Lancia Fulvia.
  81. For Sale: OEM Beta Wheels (5), MOMO Wheels, OEM toolkit, etc For Sale, cleaning out
  82. Wanted: fulvia coupe front aluminium towers
  83. For Sale: Scorpion Parts for Sale Weber 34 DAT & Electronic Distributor
  84. For Sale: Lancia Beta Small Parts For Sale -
  85. For Sale: Lancia Delta Series 2 Turbo
  86. Wanted: Four-into-one exhaust manifold for 2.0 Beta spyder/Zagato
  87. For Sale: Garage clearout - S1 Fulvia burgundy interior + bumpers + other parts
  88. Wanted: Fulvia engine wanted
  89. Wanted: fuel pump cover for a lancia flavia pf coupe
  90. For Sale: Alquati A44/5/M Montecarlo camshafts
  91. For Sale: Monte Carlo parts for sale
  92. Wanted: WANTED: Flavia coupe
  93. Wanted: S! Fulvia coupe carpet set
  94. For Sale: 1977 Lancia Beta HPE on BringATrailer
  95. For Sale: 1967 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 sport zagato
  96. Wanted: S1 Coupe dash top wanted
  97. Wanted: Lancia Scorpion Dash, Door Panels and Seats Wanted.
  98. Wanted: Original Air Cleaner
  99. For Sale: New member with 1968? Lancia Fulvia...cheap
  100. For Sale: Lancia Scorpion S2 Rotors
  101. For Sale: Scorpion S1 Lower Control Arms
  102. Wanted: Beta Gearbox Retaining Rings
  103. Wanted: Fulvia late Series 1 upper and lower black padded dash
  104. Wanted: 81 Beta Zagato Steering Column Switch Assembly
  105. For Sale: dedra turbo 1992 breaking for parts
  106. For Sale: 77 scorpion rear sail panels
  107. Wanted: Center Panel between head lamps
  108. Wanted: S1 Fuvia coupe rubber mats + a few othe minorr pars
  109. For Sale: 2 Boxes of parts: Fulvia Sport 1967 and Beta HPE 1980s.
  110. For Sale: (craigslist) 1961 Lancia Flaminia 2500cc V6 Engine
  111. Wanted: Fulvia Leaf Springs
  112. Wanted: Power window motor/regulator for 82 Zagato
  113. For Sale: 1982 Lancia beta Exhaust manifold & Oil Pump & Pan
  114. For Sale: Fulvia Cores - Brakes Suspension Ignition
  115. Wanted: Fulvia S2 instrument bulb holders
  116. Wanted: Weber 34 DATxx carburetor and stock air cleaner housing for 78 Beta
  117. Wanted: Radio blanking plate with Lancia script
  118. For Sale: Factory Racing Header for Beta - NOS
  119. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe
  120. Wanted: Fulvia S2 column stalk, Indicator and lights
  121. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe garage clearout
  122. Wanted: Wanted - single Fulvia Coupe S2 steel / alloy wheel 14 " - Kent UK.
  123. eBay: New Michelin 175 80 14 tyres at 15 ONO each in Sheffield!
  124. Wanted: Delta Gear Selector
  125. Wanted: Wanted: S1 Fulvia coupe sealed, outer/inner headlights
  126. Wanted: to buy S2 Montecarlo in the U.S.???
  127. For Sale: Pretty Nice 1982 Zagato. Runs strong, good restoration project
  128. For Sale: OEM Beta Alloy Wheels (5), OEM toolkit Beta Scorpion Fulvia ?, 124 Door Handles Etc
  129. Wanted: rebuildable LR caliper body for my scorpion
  130. Wanted: Looking for a place to stash a non operable scorpion in Oregon OR SW WA
  131. Wanted: Wanted: S1 Fulvia coupe inlet, rubber manifold gasket
  132. For Sale: Lancia Beta Zagato : Car Seat / Panel Set
  133. Wanted: Fulvia S1 Dash Clock
  134. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe front & rear bumpers + other parts
  135. Wanted: Wanted: S1 front shocks
  136. For Sale: 1976 Scorpion strip down... all glass and a few various other parts. NorthBay CA.
  137. For Sale: All Aluminum Fulvia, Rotiserrie resto for sale.
  138. For Sale: Lancia Series 1 Vintage Race car.
  139. For Sale: FOR SALE ,Radio/cassette player from a 82 Zagato
  140. For Sale: UK Fulvia coupes (rhd/lhd)
  141. Wanted: Remote Gear Selector components for Fulvia S3
  142. Wanted: Fulvia S2 driver's side door pull
  143. Wanted: Scorpion Hazard Switch Wanted
  144. For Sale: Hubcaps for Beta(?)
  145. Wanted: Solex 35 PHH carbs for 1.3S Fulvia (303)
  146. For Sale: Lancia Scorpion 1976 (Silver) in South Florida
  147. Wanted: Jack, Tools and Spare Tire Clamp for Series I Fulvia Sport
  148. Wanted: Fulvia 2c / GT heater box
  149. For Sale: Lancia Engine Parts ( basically 2 full engine and cylinderheads}
  150. For Sale: 1971 S2 Fulvia coupe (lhd)
  151. For Sale: 1976 Lancia Beta Coupe
  152. For Sale: Lancia Beta Zagato rear badges, original
  153. For Sale: Lancia Beta Ignition Switch
  154. For Sale: Lancia Scorpion Windshield
  155. For Sale: Lancia Scorpion Rear Valence
  156. Wanted: WANTED: Beta Wheel Cap
  157. Wanted: Wanted Scorpion passenger side roof latch
  158. For Sale: EXIP wheels for sale, 15x7
  159. Wanted: Wanted Fulvia S2 Parts Manuel
  160. For Sale: Vented, drilled, slotted brake rotors for custom brake applications
  161. For Sale: Scorp Parts, project car
  162. For Sale: Fulvia wheel bearing, master cyl + powder coated brake calipers with repair kits
  163. Wanted: Windshield for a 1.5-1.8 flavia coupe pininfarina
  164. Wanted: Scorpion Parts needed
  165. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe parts
  166. For Sale: Fulvia coupes (rhd/lhd)
  167. Wanted: Lancia Fulvia series 1 ignition key blanks
  168. Wanted: Fulvia Coupe S1 heating radiator
  169. For Sale: Lancia Fulvia Valve cover, RED
  170. For Sale: Fulvia 1.3s 1976 Right Hand Drive and original UK vehicle
  171. For Sale: S2 Fulvia coupe (lhd)
  172. For Sale: Unused Replica Campagnolo Wheels for Fulvia S1
  173. Wanted: Lancia Flavia Toolkit
  174. For Sale: $400 - Fulvia fender flairs
  175. For Sale: Fulvia fender flares
  176. Wanted: 1600 engine for Fulvia eanted
  177. Wanted: Wanted: lancia 1.8 rebuild
  178. For Sale: Fiats that need to go. Mostly Betas 70-80's.Projects/Parts Cars. Make Offers.N.Cal.
  179. For Sale: 79 LBZ fenders/doors/hood Bay Area
  180. Wanted: Fulvia S2 Glovebox Door
  181. For Sale: Lancia Parts for Sale!
  182. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe garage clear out
  183. For Sale: Fulvia Fender Flares (small)
  184. Wanted: S1 Dunlop Front Brake Discs wanted
  185. Wanted: S1 Dunlop Front Brake Discs wanted
  186. For Sale: 1976 SCORPION and PARTS
  187. For Sale: 1979 Beta Coupe on BringATrailer
  188. Wanted: Radio blanking plate with fulvia script
  189. Wanted: S1 Fulvia coupe inner / outer headlamp
  190. Wanted: Passenger side door window for a RHD 1966 Flavia Zagato Sport
  191. Wanted: Fulvia S3 Subframe components
  192. For Sale: Can cover - Miami, FL
  193. For Sale: Block - Miami, FL
  194. For Sale: Vx Spider
  195. Wanted: need brake calipers for Scorpion
  196. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe (rhd)
  197. Wanted: Replacement racing decals
  198. For Sale: Fulvia Sport and coupe parts!
  199. Wanted: Scorpion Clutch Hose
  200. Wanted: Need Scorpion cylinder head water outlet hose port and go-faster parts!
  201. For Sale: Bosch & Marelli Points for Fulvia & Beta
  202. Wanted: Firsat Radiator Cap
  203. For Sale: Flavia Subframe components
  204. Wanted: Rear Brake Calipers for Beta (82 Zagato) New or used
  205. Wanted: S2 Fulvia steering wheel
  206. Wanted: lighting turn signal stalk mechanism for a 77/78 Beta coupe
  207. For Sale: Lancia Fulvia gearbox type 818.630
  208. Wanted: Wanted Lancia Scorpion seat adjuster handle assembly
  209. Wanted: WANTED: ALL Plastic Bits and Sliders for Sunroof 81 Beta Coupe
  210. For Sale: Fulvia Upper Wishbones Brackets
  211. For Sale: Fulvia Suspension Tower, Spring etc
  212. Wanted: Fulvia Bonnet stay/prop needed
  213. Wanted: Fulvia Front Shock Absorber Upper Rubber Gusset / Pad / Mount
  214. Wanted: 1988 Integrale hood
  215. Wanted: Koni Special D Front Struts for Lancia Scorpion
  216. Wanted: Fulvia coupe S2/S3 cylinder head
  217. Wanted: Seat sliders
  218. Wanted: S1 Fulvia coupe master cylinder
  219. For Sale: Marchal 880 Yellow Fog Lights + Soft Covers
  220. Wanted: Matador Outside Mirror
  221. Trade: New web site to find lancia parts
  222. For Sale: Lancia aurelia parts
  223. Wanted: 1977 Beta 1800 cylinder head
  224. Wanted: Zagato Rear Glass Lifter
  225. For Sale: 1977 Lancia Scorpion on Bring-a-Trailer
  226. Wanted: Fulvia 1.3 crankshaft
  227. eBay: For Sale: 2nd Series Fulvia Coupé Miscellaneous Parts-Tools
  228. For Sale: S1 Fulvia coupe crankshaft + other parts
  229. For Sale: Lancia Scorpion Grill Emblem & Shift Rod Bushing
  230. Craig's List: 1982 Beta Zagato (ex-Allen Lofland?)
  231. For Sale: Aurelia parts
  232. For Sale: Flaminia parts
  233. For Sale: Assorted 79' Beta parts
  234. Wanted: 81 Zagato Fuel tank
  235. For Sale: Lancia Fulvia Shop Manual
  236. For Sale: LH door Jam Vehicle Spec Sticker-Lancia Beta 2000- Reproduction
  237. For Sale: Fulvia 1.3S complete engine and box for sale UK £400
  238. Wanted: Wanted. Fulvia series 2 coupe windscreen
  239. Wanted: Looking for Fulvia Coupe S1 or early S2 that’s been driven, not sitting
  240. For Sale: Fulvia 1.6 HF Engine
  241. Wanted: 1978 Beta steering column light stalk
  242. Craig's List: 1977 Lancia Beta HPE 1800 - $2000
  243. Wanted: Series 1 glove box
  244. For Sale: 1969/70 Becker Europe
  245. For Sale: Zagato-style bubble top for Lancia Scorpion/Montecarlo from The Monte Hospital - NEW
  246. For Sale: 1976 lancia scorpion
  247. For Sale: NOS Original Talbot Mirrors
  248. For Sale: NOS Original Talbot Berlin Mirrors
  249. Free: 14 inch steel wheels for appia
  250. Free: HPE 1979 - fair condition